Rick Mark

I am a Microsoft Azure, Apple iOS, Ruby on Rails and general polyglot software developer and security professional.
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Who am I?

Software makes everything new again.

I'm inspired by technology. From the latest features on a phone to the leading edge of science in the cloud, no where else is there a world so full of possibilities.

I work to bring out the best in my team; I ask questions, and try to teach what I know to others. I lead with interpersonal skills backed by substantial knowledge and experience. I’m a realist, and at the same time I drive for high ideals. I estimate and re-estimate honestly and deliver.

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My Specialities

Intellectual Property

Building strong patent portfolios as I design real world solutions.

End-to-End Development

Database schema, API, HTML and Mobile app development.

Mobile First

iOS, Android and Windows Phone experience.

Work History

Nov 2017 - Current
San Francisco, CA
June 2017 - Sep 2017
Uber Advanced Technologies Group
San Francisco, CA
Jan 2017 - Current
Hot Mess
New York, NY
Feb 2016 - Dec 2017
Hoboken, NJ
Oct 2015 - Feb 2016
Bloomberg LP
New York, NY
Oct 2010 - Apr 2015
Microsoft Corporation
Redmond, WA
Feb 2009 - June 2010
Phoenix Media Communications Group
Boston, MA
Dec 2006 - Feb 2009
Maynard, MA


The key to a successful software project

I personally believe close communication allows me to deliver exactly the solution needed. It is a fine balance between getting input from a stakeholder and acting without autonomy. I leverage my 10 years of software solution experience to make the judgement of when the technical decision is best made by developers, or when the business decision should be made by stakeholders.

Technologies & Languages

Microsoft Azure / C#
Ruby on Rails / RSpec
Security and Cryptography
Objective-C / Swift / AppKit / UIKit
Azure Table / MS-SQL / MySQL / MongoDB
Java / Java Enterprise
C / C++ / C++ CLI / Intel & ARM Assembly


  • Publishing Articles
  • Starting Companies
  • Inventing Things
  • Working with GLBT youth
  • Supporting ending methamphetamine addiction
Coming Soon
Working to redact any confidential information

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